We recently had a client that had a list of their clients in a Google sheets, with amounts they owed and for certain service dates. They were logging into Paypal (which they didn’t like) and spending hours each week sending invoices, and then reconciling payments into the Google sheet. It got to the point this client was about to hire part-time help, though they could not find someone wanting to work part time.

So we were able to connect Stripe.com and Google sheets and solved all of these issues with complete automation. Once the client was ready to send an invoice to their customer, they simply typed the word yes into the “send invoice” column. This triggered an invoice from stripe to be sent to that client’s email address and updated the Google sheet to contain that invoice number.

Upon payment, the payment was updated into the Google sheet in another column next to that invoice number. This way, our client was able to identify what payments were still outstanding at any time with real time data. They never had to login to a payment processor again, nor send invoices manually.

We even set this up to send invoice reminders if unpaid after 7 days. There is a lot more we can do, but they are just super happy that we were able to take 4 hours a week off their plate with software automation!