We just encountered a new business use case from a client needing to allow their clients to upload files on their wordpress site, and have those files automatically uploaded to Google Drive. To further complicate this, based on the person uploading the file – it had to go into a folder with their name (or create one if it didn’t exist) and then it had to drop the files in that client’s folder in the Google drive.

To make it even more fun -the upload form on their website had a project name field – it had to create a new folder with that project name, and upload it into that client’s folder in Drive.

This project was a little complex as it entailed a lot of conditional logic and some Google Drive automation but was very fun to complete. It took a little longer than expected at about 3 hours to fine tune it and get everything right. Definitely looking forward to more tasks like this as it was a nice challenge to do something a little new.