The Alpha Dog Missed Call Stimulus System


The Problem: Missed Opportunities from Missed Phone Calls 


Change the Numbers Below to Estimate How Much Missed Call Lost Revenue You Could Recoup

ROI Calculator

We Charge (per month): $97

  • 1Statistics show that if you aren’t available to immediately help a prospect…You Lose Them.  They’re also reaching out to your Competition
  • 2Whoever gets with them first Wins. You can’t afford to lose them!
  • 3Our Missed Call System reconnects with missed callers automatically & immediately to get them Re-engaged with you
  • 4This gives you the opportunity to win that business and is critical as you are not available all the time since you’re providing service to your existing customers
  • 1We will use our proprietary reconnect campaigns, customized for you and your business.
  • 2Access to all conversions in real-time on mobile phone and/or computer
  • 3Only $97/Month, Send & receive up to 1,000 messages/month at no additional cost to you
  • 4Additional messages are just 2 cents each

To see a Real Action Demo, Just Call our Demo Line at (513) 657-2200

To see a Real Action Demo:

Call our Demo Line at (513) 657-2200

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