Alpha Dog Bots

Conversational Digital Marketing

The internet is becoming more conversational.  Implement simple automated chatbots that save you time and money by engaging with your prospective clients with many different use cases.

Lead Generation, Reinvented

Forget static forms or long mundane surveys. Our automated chatbots are a new, engaging way to generate leads. 


Q: Can my bot be customized? 
A: Yes, we will provide you a form to fill out mapping the entire bot out

Q: What information do I get from my website visitors?
A:  Any information you want the bot to ask for (usually name, phone, email)

Q: How do I get the leads of the bot visitors – but see below for even better solution
A: We instantly send them into a Google sheet for you

Q: What is a better than Google Sheets option to get & communicate with my leads?
A: We provide a pretty amazing CRM dashboard including phone app where you can have the leads instantly in your app and you can message them immediately either from desktop or phone. *** This requires the purchase of an approsimately $2/mo VoIP phone number and messaging costs (a penny or so per message that you send and then receive) – very low cost to message your new leads right from an app on your cell phone without exposing your own cell phone number.

Q: Can I provide them with a lot of information with the bot to head off calls to my support staff?
A: Yes, by providing people what they are looking for when they come to your site, you can head off a lot of phone calls. Maybe they are just looking for store hours, or asking if you have a Facebook page (that you can provide link to).  Maybe they are just asking for directions or address, and sometimes about specific products you carry or services you offer.  At the end of the day, I recommend providing answers to all the questions you can think of that people ask, and provide them a great solution so they can be served right from the bot, saving you and your potential customer time and aggravation.

Q: I have other questions before buying – can you help me?
A:  Sure!  Text me at (513) 657-2200 and we can setup a time to go over any questions you have. We don’t want you to buy something you aren’t excited about the Return on either investment, time, or usually both.  


To Get Your Own $49/month Bot 

Please  fill in the form below and we will get back to you within a day or two.  We are rapidly installing these on client websites and will get to you right away.  The effectiveness and popularity of these are keeping us really busy!