The Alpha Dog Birthday
Customer Attraction System

The Easiest & Fastest Way for Restaurants & Cafes to Get More Customers in the Door

  • 1Everybody Loves to Get a Special Offer
    for His/Her Birthday
  • 2Birthday Texts & Emails Get Used 179% More Than Other Promotional Emails/Texts
  • 3Birthday Emails & Texts Generate 243%
    Higher Revenue than Promotional Emails/Texts
  • 4This is a Great Way to Drive More Business and To
    Create Relationship Loyalty with Your Customers
  • 1We will set up our proprietary system
    customized to your business.
  • 2Work with you to design an offer that
    will convert
  • 3Free for 90 days, then just $9 a month
  • 4Send up to 500 Messages/Mo and Just 4
    cents for Additional Texts

FAQ: Why free for 90 days, then only $9 per month?
This is to help our local restaurants recover from the pandemic. We also have other restaurant services to assist you at a slightly higher price if you are super happy with the birthday service and want further growth at a low price (see website for details).


To see a Real Action Demo, Text the word birthday to (513) 657-2200

To see a Real Action Demo, Text the word birthday to (513) 657-2200

Mike Coleman, Alpha Dog Software