In the past year, I have continually been asked the question of, “Can I send appointment reminders from Google Calendar?”   

The short answer is yes.  Not directly from Google without a lot of custom development using the Google API and either Twilio or Plivo.  Since this did not seem like a good idea to have to do this for every customer who wanted this solution, we built one ourselves.

Never did  I imagine that so many businesses used Google Calendar for their business, yes had to login to another CRM syetem to put in customer names and appointments, in order to do appointment reminders.  We found this to be tedious and worked to fix this inefficiency.

Now, simply by adding the phone number to whatever area of the calendar appointment we decide (usually description) we can grab that and generate appointment reminders based on your needs and wants. 

Here is a recent example we did.  A local hair salon wanted to send an appointment reminder to their customers 24 hours before their appointment, but only if the title of the Google calendar appointment had the word hair in it.  Why would they do this? 

Well, they wanted to send a different appointment reminder if the appointment title had the word nails in it.  The wording of the appointment reminder changed for the nails appointments.  

This is just a very small part of the capabilties of our appointment reminder software, but I wanted to just give a quick summary of an example of our Google Calendar to SMS (Twilio) appointment reminder service.  You can read more on our Appointment Reminders Software page or book an appointment to discuss, or text us at 513-657-2200.