We make cool software that either….

Saves You Time…
Saves You Money…
Or Makes You Money.

Alpha Dog Software is a family business in Hamilton, Ohio that specializes in helping small businesses recover lost revenue opportunities, automate their sales and marketing process to recover their time, and grow their business with as little staff involvement as possible.

We help businesses implement the same technology that Fortune 500 companies use while doing so in such a way you don’t even have to budget for our software.

Our software virtually is guaranteed to get you more customers and is designed and priced for you to be profitable literally with one new customer resulting from our software suite.

Our business was founded to fill the gap in the market that small businesses still need.  We have found most small businesses don’t have the time or expertise to implement the software needed to automate sales and marketing with as little staff involvement as possible.

Unfortunately, small businesses are at a major disadvantage in that they don’t really have a marketing budget at all typically, and they don’t have the expertise to implement things such as automatically texting potential customers who call in and don’t get someone on the phone.  Those missed calls just kill small businesses.

We developed our software so it will automate many parts of your sales, marketing, followup, and more so you don’t have to spend so much time trying to dabble in those things.  Helping small businesses compete with major businesses toe to toe was our goal.  It is working.  We invite you to demo any of our software and even take it for a free trial. Just get in touch with us.